What Is Bamboo Clothes Racks Storage?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

History of Clothes hanger rack

The Bamboo laundry rack  was invented by a worker named Albert parkhouse.When he was one of the wire and the state of Michigan small handicraft products manufacture chimney of a blacksmith, one day he found that the factory cloakroom coat hanger has been all take, he took out a lead wire of storms, bent into the shape of a coat shoulder and put a hook on it.The invention was owned and patented by his boss, which was the origin of the Bamboo clothes rack.

 Hanger is a furniture earlier in our country, the zhou dynasty began to practice the ritual, the aristocracy of a very seriously, in order to meet this need, earlier appeared designed to hang clothes rack.

 Production material of Bamboo clothes hangers  

Generally, the wood used in the production of wooden clothes rack can only be produced under 18 degrees of dry humidity. The wood should be dried before use.The wood that has bug eye does not use, wooden clothes rack exports, according to our country commercial inspection law regulation, must undertake plant inspection, ability exports after obtaining qualified formalities.The production process of wooden clothes rack is mainly four major processes: blank, frosted, paint and assembly.


Tpyes of Bamboo drying rack  

Wall wall hung clothes hanger is mounted on the wall, installation height to the average man in the chest, reasonable design should be up and down, down on the wall at ordinary times, do not take up space, play clothes to dry.These short clothes racks are suitable for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms and so on.Long for outdoor use, such as villas or houses with courtyards.


Floor hanging clothes rack is a kind of clothes drying rack that is put on the ground directly. At present, there are X type, butterfly type (also called wing type), horizontal bar type.Suitable for room, balcony and outdoor.

Tensile type

The stretched-type clothes dryer is also installed on the wall, and can be pushed and pressed against the wall at ordinary times.Suitable for room, balcony and outdoor.

bamboo clothes racks storage

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