Bamboo Product

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Our people have always loved bamboo, and China is also the earliest country in the world to study, cultivate and utilize bamboo. From the great role played by bamboo in the development of Chinese history and culture and in the formation of spiritual culture, the long relationship between bamboo and Chinese poetry and calligraphy and landscape construction, as well as the close relationship between bamboo and people's life, it is easy to see that China deserves to be honored as "Bamboo Civilized country. " No plant can have such a profound impact on China's civilization as bamboo.

Bamboo products refer to products made of bamboo for processing raw materials, mostly for daily necessities, such as chopsticks, chopsticks cages, chopping boards, mat, cup mat, curtains and so on, in recent years the more popular bamboo flooring and bamboo furniture, there are some more value High, such as bamboo carving and other crafts.

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