Bamboo Folding Dish Racks

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Bamboo folding dish racks are a great natural addition to any kitchen. The 2-tier design allows for plates to be dried on top, while cups and bowls dry on the bottom. Easily fold and store the dish rack when your done to keep your counter top clutter free.

Bamboo folding dish racks are both elegant and convenient to use, and provide a good color dynamic in your kitchen with other wood kitchenware.

Instead of leaving your dishes piled high, which causes trapped moisture and results in unattractive watermarks on your plates, cups, cutlery, etc.

The raw material on this dish rack is the 100% natural bamboo, which has been organically grown without fertilizers, pesticides or artificial irrigation and chemicals.

The bamboo dish rack is a stylish and practical way to dry your plates, dishes and cups. 

The bamboo folding dish racks folding for easy storage best dish rack, is a good utensil organizer. Putting your dishes or bowls on the dish rack to prevent growing the bacteria.

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