Bamboo Chopping Board

- Jan 10, 2018 -

As the name suggests, the bamboo chopping board, also known as bamboo chopping board. Is the mat on the stove in order to cut vegetables to prevent damage to the spoken language called chopping board, written language chopping block. Before the chopping board to wood, plastic-based, but because of easy to wear and plastic larger harm, now the market's cutting board to bamboo mostly.

When cutting cooked food, many families are accustomed to using traditional wooden cutting board, there are many young people favor plastic cutting board. In fact, to the mouth to send cooked food is "sick from the mouth," the gate, wood cutting board easy to chip, and plastic cutting board is easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, the market has a bamboo cutting board, it is not only light, smooth, and antibacterial function.

"Compared with wooden cutting board and plastic cutting board, bamboo cutting board is safer." According to experts, traditional wooden cutting boards are not safe. For example, cutting board made of ebony wood contains toxic substances, Use it to cut cooked food will pollute the dishes, easily lead to vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms. There are some relatively loose wooden cutting board, the surface is easy to produce knife marks, cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to dirt, bacteria, contaminated food. Although the plastic cutting board is beautiful and light, it is easy to breed bacteria if it is not dry, and it is not suitable for cutting cooked food.

The bamboo cutting board by high temperature and pressure treatment, with no cracking, no deformation, wear-resistant, hard, good toughness and other advantages of light to use, health, fragrance fragrance. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo belongs to the pale, cold, with some inhibition of bacterial growth. Therefore, cut cooked, bamboo cutting board is the ideal choice.

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