Why the bamboo cutting board is better?

- Feb 05, 2018 -

3Z-bamboo cutting boards with groove-2.jpg

Nowadays, in the market, especially when cutting cooked food, the bamboo cutting boards with groove are the best choice. Because the traditional wood cutting board is easy to chip, while the plastic cutting board is easy to breed bacteria. The bamboo cutting boards with groove are not only light, smooth, and antibacterial function. Bamboo cutting board by high temperature and pressure treatment, with the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, wear-resistant, hard, good toughness, etc. In using, it is lightweight, hygienic and scent fragrance. And in traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo belongs to the light and cold, with some inhibition of bacterial growth.

Of course, even if the bamboo cutting boards with groove are not easy to breed bacteria, but they should be cleaned daily after cutting vegetables, and then wipe dried. If conditions are permitted, drying in the sun is the best. And each time after scrubbing with water, and then into the concentration of almost 15% of the salt water soak for 2 hours, then remove and dry, which not only can kill bacteria, but also prevent cutting board.

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