What is the history of natural bamboo cooking tools?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

 The spoon, invented by ancient Chinese people to scoop wine from a wine vessel, was made of bronze and shaped like a small bucket with a crank.It is mainly used to serve soup, rice and other liquid food, liquid food.

 The use of chinese cooking utensilsis probably the earliest.According to the evidence found, it can be traced back to 7,000 years ago. In the famous hemudu culture, there are very typical bone spoons made of bone.In the coastal area of shandong province, some people in dawenkou longshan culture live in dawenkou. They are spoons made of sticks, which are made into the shape of a spoon and then a handle.But a lot of them were made from bone, and there were a lot of spoons in prehistoric times where they drilled a hole in the handle.Then, he took the spoon with him, probably hanging it in his waist and taking it out to eat.The spoon is probably the oldest dining tool in history.So it's hard to say who invented the spoon, but it's only fair to say that both east and west were the first to use it in primitive society.

 Species of spoon

Spoon: a utensil with a handle to scoop something out, usually used to drink soup and serve rice.

Soup spoon: used when drinking soup

Stir-frying spoon: there is an bamboo kitchen utensils ;

Be the chef: cooking spoon;


Water scoop: used to hold or hold water;

Flour spoon: a spoon for filling flour and filling flour;

A spoon used to hold or hold grain.

Measuring spoon: the spoon used to measure the volume size;

Magnetic spoon: magnetic spoon;


The plastic spoon after heating can produce harmful substances, stainless steel spoon stir-fry vegetables, too strong will scratch the paint.bamboo cooking utensils are more safe and environment-friendly. It is safer to use bamboo kitchen tools to cook dishes.

Natural Bamboo Cooking Tools

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