What is Original Bamboo Chopsticks?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Bamboo cooking chopsticks, which are commonly used in China, are usually made of bamboo, wood, bone, porcelain, ivory, metal, plastic and other materials.It is one of the most commonly used tableware in the world and one of the symbols of Chinese food culture.


Etiquette of Bamboo chopsticks china   

Don't put food back on the plate after you've picked it up.

Don't point your chopsticks at people or point your fingers at them while eating.

Do not insert chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice.This is a way of resettling ancestral offerings with ominous signs, see foothill.

Don't argue with other people's chopsticks.

You should not move your chopsticks before your host when attending a banquet.

In some countries, people wait for their guests or the oldest person in the room to start eating with chopsticks.

7. In the process of dining, has raised his chopsticks, but I don't know which dish to eat, then do not use chopsticks move back and forth in each dish or swimming in the air, back and forth on the food dish instead of the but again not food.

8. Don't use chopsticks as props when talking to each other in Bamboo chopsticks restaurant .Or knock on the table with your chopsticks and point to others with them.Put the chopsticks down gently after each use and try not to make any noise.


Traditional wooden chopsticks

First of all, besmear CaiQi don't use chopsticks, because of the heavy metal lead paint and organic solvent such as benzene substances to carcinogenicity, and, with the use of wear and tear, paint falls off once in the history of chopsticks, with food enters the human body, will cause serious damage to people's health.


Secondly, ordinary plastic chopsticks have a crisp texture, which is easy to deform and melt when heated.They have good texture, but are easy to change color and are expensive.


Metal material

Silver, stainless steel and other metal chopsticks are too heavy, feel bad, and heat conductivity is strong, when eating overheated food, easy to scald the mouth.


Material of Bamboo chopsticks health

Bamboo chopsticks quality are the first choice. They are non-toxic and harmless.But, because of material, chopstick, chopstick is not easy to clean, but also has a strong water absorption, adsorption, often have clean detergent residues, it is easy to pathogenic microorganism pollution, so often should pay attention to disinfection, keep clean, to avoid mildew bamboo chopsticks, woolly phenomenon, also need to be replaced periodically.

Original Bamboo Chopsticks

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