What ia Large Bamboo Cutting Boards?

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Kitchen cutting board : a device that is used to hammer, cut, chop or smash something under it.Yuan works, the third fold of photographs resort: "can be cutting boards, knives, I cut Kuai mile."In a restaurant or hotel, the chopping board is also called a job. It is responsible for cutting food.Cutting board is for the convenience of cutting vegetables, and placed vegetables on a wooden or plastic, steel ground object, the shape of a rectangle, square, circular mainly.


Cutting board difference

Cutting board material each have characteristics of different, but the bamboo and wooden cutting board relatively safer, because they are natural, no add other material, it is recommended that people preferred to use Best cutting board   


The wooden cutting board

Density is high, toughness is strong, use very firm, but because wooden board kind is very much, not easy to choose.


 Bamboo chopping board    

Lighter than wood, not easy to fake, relatively stable quality, and safer to use.But the qualified Core bamboo cutting board should be made of natural plants. The material is relatively strong and it is not easy to crack or drop slag.Because bamboo vegetable board is easy to dry, not easy to mold, no odor, is a good choice.


 The plastic cutting board

Although light in weight and easy to carry, it is easy to deform.Plastic vegetable board had better choose color translucent, quality is better, color is even, do not have impurity and irritant smell plastic vegetable board.


The anchorage method

The new vegetable board is soaked in thick salt water for 12 to 24 hours, then it is taken out to dry and can be kept intact for a long time.

New cutting board crack prevention method

1. First boil with boiling water, wash the wax off the outer layer, and after washing it, soak it in thick salt water for a day.The purpose of soaking the day in thick salt water is to add salt to the surface of the wood.Take out after soaking, heat up a pan of oil, wait until cool to about 70 degrees, smear the surface of the vegetable plate, let it sit for a while, then apply it again, more than a few times.Wait for the oil to absorb almost, paper to wipe the oil dry, the vegetable board can be used.In addition, if the board is not used for a long time, it should also be coated with oil for horizontal storage.

2. After purchasing the new vegetable board, lay it flat on the stand.Apply vegetable oil on both sides and repeat after drying until the oil reaches a saturation point.For several days, the consumption of oil depends on the size of the board, which generally only costs more than 250 grams.No matter how long it takes, the plate will not crack after being treated with vegetable oil.


 No matter what kind of vegetable board, after use all should be cleaned in time clean, hang in the ventilated place vertically, let its air dry.Do not cling to the wall or lay flat, otherwise the other side can not be dry, easy to breed mold.When washing, can dip in on hard brush wash clean essence brush, rinse repeatedly with clear water next, also can use boiling water to wash, can have bactericidal effect.

Large Bamboo Cutting Boards

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