The maintenance tips of organic bamboo cutting boards

- Feb 28, 2018 -

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A piece of good organic bamboo cutting boards need careful maintenance, proper treatment to ensure food hygiene extend the life of the cutting board.

1, maintenance: new purchase of bamboo cutting board after the normal cleaning can be used. Round bamboo cutting board in order to prolong the service life, is sure to keep the board wet and rotate on both sides. If the board is loose, you can soak it in warm water for 1-10 minutes. Do not soak for too long or boiling. The best use of the cutting board is hanging in the ventilation.

2, classification of organic bamboo cutting boards: In order to avoid cross-infection, bamboo cutting board can cut raw food for one side, and cut cooked food for another side. After each type of food is processed, it is washed thoroughly and the next type of food is cut. If you cut meat, wash with warm water.

3, in order to prevent the cracking board, you should be immediately coated with oil before using. Approach is that you should coat cutting board in the upper and lower sides and the surrounding  with oil until the oil dry and then coated for three or four times. The surrounding of cutting board is easy to crack, and you can repeatedly coat more than a few times. After this treatment, cutting board is not easy to crack. Because of the strong penetration of oil but not volatile, it can moisturize the wood for a long time, and can prevent the burst of the organic bamboo cutting boards. Oiled with anti-corrosion features, cutting boards are therefore durable.

4, do not use clean with detergent, because the cleaning solution will penetrate into the cutting block, and lead to rotten chopping board.

5, if the organic bamboo cutting boards deals with very heavy oil food, hot water can continue to brush quickly to the oil.

6, note that the cutting board should not be placed in the position of direct sunlight, avoiding over-drying and cracking of the cutting board.

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