The maintenance methods of totally bamboo cutting boards

- Feb 01, 2018 -

3Z-totally bamboo cutting boards-1.jpgBamboo cutting board after the first treatment can be more handy in usage. To enhance the service life, you should pay attention to totally bamboo cutting boards for maintenance.

First, totally bamboo cutting boards to be cleaned after each use, dried with a dry towel stains, and then hanged in a ventilated place, and kept dry both sides.

Second, the bamboo cutting board cannot be placed in the sun exposure. In addition to the first soaked in salt water, they cannot be soaked in water for a long time in using.

Third, the cleaning work oftotally bamboo cutting boards cannot be lazy, cannot be washed with a dishwasher, and cannot put disinfection cabinet into the high temperature disinfection.

Fourth, the surface of cutting board should be wiped a layer of oil at regular intervals, which can nourish the bamboo fiber and the longer use.

Fifth, after cutting the smell of meat, with lemon and coarse salt to wash can kill the bacteria, cannot be used to cooking germicidal disinfection.

Sixth, after dealing with very greasy ingredients, the cutting board is not easy to clean, and prohibited the use of steel balls and the like objects scrub. Washing with hot water can quickly to the oil.

Seven, if the cutting block did not keep dry, it will be moldy. You can use white vinegar to mold easily. Method is the ratio of 1: 2 to white vinegar and water, and then coated with warm white vinegar directly at the moldy point you can get rid of moldy, dried and then oiled care.

Eight, it is recommended to cut cooked meat and raw meat separately using a different cutting board, reducing the possibility of cross breeding of food bacteria.


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