The characteristic of move bamboo clothes racks

- Mar 14, 2018 -

warm in winter and cool in summer

3Z-move bamboo clothes racks-1.jpg

Move bamboo clothes racks are not only non-chemical pollution, are purely environmentally friendly furniture, and have the ability to absorb heat, which can always maintain the cold nature. At present, the new move bamboo clothes racks have not only maintained the unique texture of bamboo, but also overcome the "congenital defects" of their easy dry deformation, and the use of special glue on the adhesive to avoid harm to human body with formaldehyde and beneficial to human health. 

Among them, the bamboo-based artificial board has a large size, small deformation, wear resistance, and can adjust the structure and size of the board according to the requirements of usage, and becomes an effective way to replace bamboo with wood.

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