Premium bamboo cutting boards tips

- Mar 01, 2018 -

3Z-premium bamboo cutting boards-1.jpgLemon + salt to remove the residue: cutting board used for a long time, the surface will have a lot of cuts and scratches, and rough surface will be a lot of residue. You can use lemon with salt to remove the food residue on the cutting board surface.

Ginger disinfection to remove smell: you should use ginger or raw onions to repeatedly wipe the premium bamboo cutting boards several times, and then brush several times to clean, and finally washed again with boiling water.

Vinegar disinfection to remove the smell: cutting board after cutting the fish, will be a fishy smell. You only need to sprinkle a little vinegar on the cutting board, and then placed in the sun dried, and finally rinse with water.

Washing method: you should brush and wash premium bamboo cutting boards with water, which will reduce the bacteria for 3 times. Using the boiling water again, the remaining bacteria will be less. the cutting board after using each time, you need to scrap residue on the cutting board , and keep weekly to sprinkle salt on the board. 

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