Original bamboo bookshelves

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The original bamboo bookshelves are high quality natural bamboo and hardware accessories, health water-based paint, elegant qualities, natural eco-friendly materials with no smell.

The Thicker layer and super load-bearing can be used as bookcase shelves, blue X-ray, DVD, CD display shelving, kitchen storage rack, plant stand in living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, entryway and garage.

The original bamboo bookshelves with environmental protection painting, durable, smooth finish, no burr can be adjustable by your daily various requirement conveniently and quickly.

The original bamboo bookshelves can hold hundreds of books, collectibles, enough space for storage and organize. It is also a decoration for home , office and dormitory.

This product is high-temperature sterilized and retains its original toughness and density and bacteria free.

Due to the thick body, fine texture, and lower content of sugar, starch and protein of natural bamboo, it is easier to take the procedure of the mildew proof and insect prevention.

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