natural bamboo cutting blocks

- Jun 21, 2018 -

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Bamboo color: We do not use artificial dyes or stains on our natural bamboo cutting blocks. Our natural bamboo cutting blocks has two colors, bright and dark.

Note: Light is the natural color of bamboo. Black is a much richer honey color that is achieved by cooking or steaming bamboo and actually turns the natural sugar in the fiber into caramel. This color of natural bamboo cutting blocks is permanent and will not fade or wash away.

The grain of bamboo: There are three types: vertical texture, flat texture and end texture.

Note: The vertical texture is approximately 1/4" wide, taken from the side of the split column, and the flat texture is approximately 5/8" wide, taken from the cylinder. The end grain is a cross section of the rod.

In addition to high standards of design and engineering, our factory also adheres to strict protocols for the curing and processing of raw bamboo to obtain the highest quality products of natural bamboo cutting blocks. We only use high grade bamboo and then, because of its increased density, only the lower part of the rod. We have been designated as a commercial harvest from our bamboo-originated forest, not as a food source or habitat for wild pandas.

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