How to identify whether the natural bamboo chopsticks are expired?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

3Z-natural bamboo chopsticks-1.jpgIn the use of natural bamboo chopsticks, everyone should observe them every day, whether the surface of the chopsticks attached to spots, especially mildew. Bamboo products and wood products are two kinds of mildew favorite living environment. As long as the environment is not dry, and the moisture content of the material itself to a certain extent, the mildew needs only one day to generate.

Experts advice that once you found mildew above chopsticks, it must not be used.

If the spots appear on the chopsticks, the chopsticks may have become mildewed and may not be used continuously. Natural bamboo chopsticks may appear damp, bent or deformed, which indicates that the chopsticks have been damp or shelved for too long and may have passed the-shelf-life. You can smell, if there is obvious sour, it is the contaminated or expired signs. And they cannot continue to use.

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