How to avoid bamboo chopsticks being mildewed?

- Feb 27, 2018 -

3Z-craft bamboo chopsticks-1.jpgAfter the craft bamboo chopsticks have not been completely dried, the humidity is high, causing they to become mildewed, thus affecting the health of the body. In the use of chopsticks, you must ensure that the chopsticks are placed or stored drying, as far as possible to provide breeding environment for molding.

Experts advice that you should put craft bamboo chopsticks into the boiling water every week for half an hour, placed in the air drying and then use. So that you can achieve the role of disinfection, and can effectively and easily remove mold in the chopsticks.

Experts remind that craft bamboo chopsticks in the production and transportation process easily contaminated with viruses and bacteria and certain chemicals. Newly bought chopsticks should clean with water firstly, and reuse detergent to wash secondly, finally put into the pot with boiling water for half an hour.

Usually washing craft bamboo chopsticks thoroughly, first rinsing chopsticks surface , and then carefully scrubbing the chopsticks with detergent , and then putting into the disinfection of the cupboard for disinfection and drying, and then into the chopsticks box.

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