How do you know 2-tiers bamboo spice racks?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The cleanliness of a kitchen depends on the cleanliness of the countertop.Mesa serves as the door face of the kitchen, beautiful importance is self-evident.In addition to the often used and inconvenient things can be stored up, the table surface to do as much as possible without anything.Look clean and fresh and instantly healed.Importantly, don't worry about the lampblack.Although mesa has nothing, but also impossible to do not put anything completely, especially the kitchen of the people.The thing is put away, look beautiful, take up convenient, still accord with mesa to have nothing principle.


portable spice rack is very important for Chinese kitchen.The original spice rack left put the seasoning liquid class such as soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, upper right tool, seasoning powder would be put on the front, salt, chicken essence, sugar, for example, the design meets our cooking habits.


Bamboo spice rack, made of natural bamboo, concise style appropriate to the modern kitchen.  kitchen spice racks can make kitchen mesa is concise, at the time of cook, more convenient housewife can conveniently get needs the cheap spice rack .The placement of oil and salt in different positions of firewood rice can make seasoning not easy to taste. The layered structure of storage cabinet frame solves this problem.

2-tiers Bamboo Spice Racks

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