China Bamboo Products Manufacturer Bamboo Shoe Rack

- Mar 27, 2018 -

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Bamboo Growth

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, The grow in an  average of 60cm per day. It need only 1 month from a bamboo root raising to a 12--14 meters bamboo.
The bamboo is hard, which makes it great for use in the production of furniture and certain fabrics.

Bamboo is a type of true grass that is one of the largest grasses in the world. They are fast-growing, woody plants that have a high cultural significance in East and Southeast Asia. Bamboo is used for a number of different applications, and is a major food source for the dwindling population of Great Panda bears.

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                                                Main Process

Drying & Carbonized----all our raw materials of bamboo are treated by drying and carbonization. Through the high temperature of 200-300 Celsius Degree, it could harden the bamboo as well as kill the bacterial, which is more after the carbonization, the bamboo have the function of antibacterial, and it won't go moldy forever.


Electrostatic painting----It makes the items keep the natural color of bamboo, meanwhile have the waterproof surface.

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