Bamboo reusable trays tableware

- May 30, 2018 -


Bamboo reusable trays tableware are environmentally friendly fumigation-free trays made from natural bamboo as raw materials. Bamboo reusable trays have the advantages of high strength, strong bearing capacity, and strong impact resistance, which represent the overall development trend of new types of trays in the future. For our country, where the per capital forest share is very low, and bamboo is extremely rich in resources, replacing wood plates with bamboo reusable trays tableware are definitely a good choice for the country and the people.

Advantages of bamboo reusable trays tableware:

1. low price, high cost performance

2. the strength and bearing capacity is significantly higher than the wooden tray new materials, and the concept of environmental protection in a continuous line

4.waterproof, mold, pest control

5.avoid fumigation, recyclable, easy maintenance

6.according to the requirements of flexible production of a variety of specifications and sizes of the tray

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