Bamboo antique racks

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The bamboo antique racks with the 3 tiers will be convenient for placing toiletries, towels, sundries, books, plants, spice and small appliances in many places.

Featuring natural bamboo color will add elegance to your house. You can place it in the corner or against an extra wall to give the room more space for storage as well as to add antique style.

The bamboo antique racks feature a sturdy bamboo construction and a transparent finish that will instantly warm up the room.

The free-standing shelf is modern and sophisticated. It is also incredibly durable and will last in your home for years.

The bamboo antique racks are adopted 100% natural bamboo, which are environment friendly and sturdy. 3 tiers bamboo storage rack is good for knick knacks and small appliances in bathroom, living room, balcony, kitchen, etc.

With higher fence, it can protect your precious things for displaying. If you are looking for a storage solution that will also add elegance to your house, bring bamboo antique racks to home. 

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