About Bamboo

- Mar 20, 2018 -

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The very thought of bamboo conjures up images of exotic tropical scenes - tall, green bamboo forests gently swaying in the soft, warm breeze. Bamboo has helped humankind since time began for shelter, weapons, food, and medicine. Something about bamboo fulfills a basic human need of getting back to nature and a more simple life.

Nowadays, bamboo products become more and more popular like bamboo racks and natural bamboo cutting board sets due to its unique style, eco-friendliness and durability.

1. The material natural bamboo is harder and more durable than wood, eco-friendly;
2. Bamboo board is lightweight, can double as serving trays;
3. Its unique design of fetching aesthetic look could also prevent warping;
4. The glue has been tested for food-safe;
5. Its beautiful natural finish is carbonized, with no dyes or stains used;
6. Sleek board is scratch & moisture resistant, won't dull knives;
7. It has characteristics of no crack and falling dregs;
8. Treated with special process made it antibacterial.

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