How to maintain bamboo shelves

- Jan 29, 2018 -


3Z-original bamboo bookshelves-1.jpg1, First of all, we should try to avoid the bamboo bookshelvesexposed to moisture. In the daily use of the process, should be avoided as far as possible shelves exposed to moisture, otherwise easily lead to rusty bookshelf surface, affecting the beauty and use bookshelf. And bookshelf generally have to keep a lot of books, the book can not touch the water, otherwise it is easy to damage the books, affecting the quality of the book, so usually should try to avoid the shelves and water exposure is very necessary.

2, Second, to avoid sharp objects across the surface of bookshelves. In the usual use of bookshelf, we should try to avoid the shelves and sharp objects in contact, if you scratch the surface of bookshelf, first, affect the beauty of bookshelf, the second is more likely to make shelves to the air oxidation, rust and so on. Moreover, when the rusty parts of the shelves come into contact with the books for a long time, the books can easily be damaged by them and the maintenance of the books is very unfavorable.

3, Also, when cleaning the bookshelf, it is best to use a clean wet cloth to wipe it clean, then dry it with a dry cloth, to avoid residual moisture, resulting in rusty bookshelf, affecting the preservation of the book Wait.

4, Bookshelf placed in a moderate temperature. Bookshelf impatience daily exposure to sunlight, so put it in a more moderate temperature where it is very necessary. And for a long time affected by sunshine, the preservation of books is also very unfavorable.

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